Fixed Fee Residential Conveyancing

Our fees include all legal work involved in the sale/purchase of your  home. The total fee is made up of two elements:

1- SABZ ‘s Professional fees;

2- Disbursements which is Fees payable to third parties;

We always provide a fixed fee quote at the outset, based on numerous factors including the property value and location; the work we believe will be involved and any additional information you provide.

Once we have further information about our clients and their circumstances, plus the property itself, we are usually in a position to update the breakdown of any anticipated disbursements and additional fees.

A summary of our fees is set out below.

  SABZ Solicitors LLP professional fees Cost + VAT
Legal Fees £500.00 – £1500.00 +VAT
  Additional fees which include SABZ’s administration costs
Acting for lender Fee (if applicable) £100.00 – £350.00 + VAT
Fee for Land Tax Form Completion £75.00 + VAT
Bank transfer Fee £35.00 + VAT
ID search admin Fee £5.00 + VAT
Lawyer Checker Fee £15.00 + VAT
Redemption fee £100+vat
Leasehold property Fee £100+vat
  Disbursements (expenses we incur on your behalf)
Land Registry Registration Fee £20 to £910
Search Fees from £186.00
Bankruptcy Fee £2.00 + VAT
Land Registry Searches £3.00 + VAT


The estimates above do not include stamp duty or land tax, which may be payable depending on the purchase price of your property and whether it is your primary residence. You can calculate the amount you will need to pay by using HMRC’s website or if the property is located in Wales by using the Welsh Revenue Authority’s website here.

Additional fees may be payable depending on the nature property, the complexity of the transaction or the work you ask us to carry out. Examples of additional fees are as follows:

Notice of transfer fee (may be chargeable under the lease)

  • Notice of charge fee (applies if the property is to be mortgaged and is set out in the lease)
  • Deed of covenant fee (charged by the management company)
  • Certificate of compliance fee (may be chargeable under the lease)
  • If your lender makes detailed instructions requiring us to deal with matters other than those relating to the title to the property
  • If your lender instructs another conveyancer to act for them
  • If the lender requires anything other than a simple certificate of title (a simple certificate of title is standard with most lenders) in order to release the mortgage funds
  • If a trust document is required
  • If there is a defect in the property title which requires remedying prior to completion
  • Purchase by a limited company or if personal guarantees are required
  • If the property is new build or shared ownership
  • If help to buy or a help to buy ISA or Lifetime ISA
  • If the property is a House in Multiple Occupation